Night Elie Wiesel Quote Analysis

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“Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to ashes.” This quote explains how traumatizing the first night of the next two years would be like for Eliezer. In Elie Wiesel’s book, Night, he retells his horrific story about him and his father enduring the challenges of multiple concentration camps. Eliezer changes throughout this book by, questioning his faith, learning self-preservation, and realizing that evil is worse than he could imagine. Primarily, Eliezer believed in an all powerful God, but after he experienced the tragedy of the concentration camps, he questions his faith. After Elie was separated from his family, people around him were saying the prayer of the dead, for they thought they were going to die. This made Elie…show more content…
At Buchenwald, Elie’s father is dying, and he will not make it much farther, so their Blockäteste gives Eliezer the advice of taking his father’s rations. The author explains this by saying, “You cannot help him anymore… In fact you should be getting his rations.” (pg. 110) By saying this, the block leader was telling Eliezer that saving himself is more important than helping his father. He is only hurting himself by giving away his rations, instead of taking his father’s. Rather than giving away his rations of food, Eliezer learns that he needs to do anything he can to ensure his survival, while he remains at the concentration camps. Furthermore, Eliezer experienced evil in a way like no other. As the prisoners were forced to move to another camp during winter, they would be shot if they fell behind. In chapter six it said, “They had orders to shoot anyone who could not sustain the pace.” By saying this the author explained how evil, and unjust the SS officers were to the prisoners. This explains how the Nazi soldiers treated the Jews, and that they had no regard for how they
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