Night: Poem Analysis

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In WW2 the holocaust clamed 6 million Jews lives, and over 7 million soviets died too and 1.7 million of those soviets were also counted towards the 6 million Jews. The holocaust was a genocide during World War II in when Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany tried to take over then world and also attempted to kill off all the Jews. They would send Jews and people who opposed them to concentration camps where they were either durned or worked till they couldn’t. Night is an autobiography by Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor. Auschwitz death camp is a video documentary with oprah winfrey and Elie Wiesel. One thought I had after learning about the holocaust was how crazy to you have to be to try to eliminate an entire religion of people.
In the book Night,
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The author uses parallelism by restating "first they came for". It appears in the first line of every stanza. by restating this it adds a sense of dread for the reader to show how it would have been like hearing the news back then. I like the poem because it teaches a lesson about if you don’t stand up for others they won't stand up for you when Niemöller states "and when they came for me, no one was there to speak up". I would recommend this poem to people who don’t like bullies or who see bullying going on around…show more content…
In "Never Shall I Forget" Wiesel explains how he sees flames coming from a crematorium inside of the concentration camp. While in "To the Little Polish Boy" Fischl talks about a little polish boy who is being captured and is going to the concentration camp with his mother. Now one poem takes place inside the concentration camp and the other outside before being taken to the concentration camp. After studying these poems I learned how people felt and what they experienced during this harsh time in history and how they
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