Night Eliezer's Father Relationship

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“There 's hope a great man 's memory may outlive his life half a years”William Shakespeare In the book Night Elie Wiesel wrote about his experiences during the holocaust. Elie had hope to live long so he could forget the bad years of the Holocaust and still have hope that there is good in this world.During the 1940s the Holocaust took millions of innocents lives and many of those lives were Jews. Elie Wiesel believed that the reason he survive was to tell his story and make sure that memories of the Holocaust stays memories. Jews were hunted down, they were beating, and kill. They were starving for freedom. The Holocaust has left a heavy impact on many people. During the Holocaust Elie started to Lose his faith in god, while also becoming hopeless that he would survive and making a connection between him and his…show more content…
We also seen Elie mature as a young boy. We seen Elie come from a young boy that disobey his father wish about not studying the Kabbalist to a young boy who was only worried about his father when he was getting twenty-five lashes. In the beginning of the book Elis’s father was described as unsentimental and Eliezer was described as a Religious boy, by the end of the book both of these labels were wrong. Every father love their son and every son love their father however at the beginning of the book Elise father seem to love the Jewish community more than Elie and Elie seem to respect his faith more than his father. However during the middle and the end of the book we saw a father that was willing to starve for his son and a son whose only reason to stay alive was his father. In the book it says “ My father presence was the only thing that stopped me. What would he do without me?” This quote show how elie realtionship with his father save his
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