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Have you ever been in a hostile situation? Well Elie Wiesel was in the Holocaust he was in one of the worst concentration camps Auschwitz. He later won a Nobel peace prize for his book night. Elie Wiesel survived a hostile environment,wrote a novel and stood up for jewish rights.
Elie Wiesel was in a hostile environment and this environment is the Holocaust. This quote is from his famous book night. “Never shall I forget that first night in camp that turned my life into one long night. Never shall I forget that the small faces of the children whose bodies I saw transformed into smoke under a silent sky.” Elie Wiesel was 15 and he suffered and saw the faces of little children before they were burned. “Never shall I forget those flames that consumed my faith forever. Never shall I forget the nocturnal silence that deprived me for all eternity of the desire to live.” Elie Wiesel feels like nothing will be the same again, he says he has no more faith or desire to live. “Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust.” At this moment Elie Wiesel feels like People have hurt God’s soul. So this is how he felt during the Holocaust. …show more content…

“ Wiesel was assigned to work in the Buna (synthetic rubber) factory in Auschwitz lll (Monowitz).” Wiesel just listened and worked in the factory to save his life. “Wiesel survived the World War ll Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald and death camp of Auschwitz.” These two camps were the worst concentration camps. “Wiesel was sent to Buna Werke labor camp, a sub-camp of Auschwitz iii-Monowitz, with his father where they were forced to work under deplorable, inhumane conditions.” He and his father were forced to work in a hostile environment. So this is how Elie Wiesel survived the

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