Night Elie Wiesel Survival Analysis

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Elie Wiesel in Night says to take care of one another is consequential for survival. Elie shows this during the sickness of his father. He cannot bear to see his father die, so “[Elie] fought [his] way to the coffee cauldron like a wild beast. And [he] succeeded in bringing back a cup. [Elie] took one gulp. The rest was for him.” ( Wiesel 106 emphasis added). This shows courage Elie has for his father. It’s almost as if helping one another is important for survival. Up until that point, Elie has been an assistance to his father. Elie notices his father in hunger and asks, “Did you eat?” “No.” “Why?” Elie argued. His dad explains, “They didn’t give us anything…They said that we were sick, that we would die soon…[Elie] gave him what was left
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