Night Elie Wiesel Theme

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Family “Father! Father! Wake up. They’re going to throw you outside… No! I yelled. He’s not dead! Not yet!...” Elie said as the desperation crept throughout his voice as he hoped his father would open his eyes and continuing to give him the strength to live. The theme family is carried out through the story Night. Family is essential when going through an extremely dark, depressing, lonely period of time, like the Wiesel's did. Elie and his father experienced things that are unimaginable and couldn’t have made it as far as they did without each other. Throughout the book Night the author Elie Wiesel is trying to accomplish the goal of making people understand that there will be difficulty throughout life and family will be there to make the hard times easier. Elie uses imagery, symbolism, and flashbacks to explain the importance of family after his tragic trauma. In Night, imagery was shown to paint a picture in people’s head about how tragic their situation was and the pain that the Wiesel's encountered. “My father was crying. It was the first time I saw him cry. I had never thought it possible. As for my mother, she was walking, her face a mask,…show more content…
“My father was sharing some anecdotes and holding forth on his opinion of the situation. He was a good storyteller” (pg.12 Wiesel).These words are used to portray the happy times with his family and what Elie remembers before his world was turned upside down. Elie was ripped away from his mother very early in the journey so he has very few memories of her when World War two had begun. “The weather was sublime. My mother was busy in the kitchen. The synagogues were no longer open. People gathered in private homes: no need to provoke the Germans” (pg. 10 Weisel). In this Elie is remembering things about his mother and when she was well and living, because the entire book is written after Elie’s experience it would be considered a flashback which makes the quotes
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