Night Elie Wiesel Visual Analysis

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Night by Elie Wiesel is a book about a boy and his family being deported to concentration camps and going through very rough experiences. Not unlike many writers, Wiesel takes his pieces and expresses them through emotions or words. These words and/or expressions help the reader feel what the character in the book is feeling. The ways Wiesel expresses the way Elie feels is through imagery, literary devices, and first person point of view.
Elie Wiesel uses Imagery to express the character’s thoughts and feelings by explaining in great detail parts of a book to make the reader picture a scene or image. The first example of imagery is as follows, “There was no time to think, and I already felt my father's hand press against mine: we were alone. In a fraction of a second I could see my mother, my sisters, move to the right. Tzipora was holding Mother's hand. I saw them walking farther and farther away; Mother was stroking my sister's blond hair, as if to protect her.” (Page 29) This quote makes a reader visualize the
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First Imagery is used to give the reader a mental visual of a scene or image. For example, the quote from page 29 makes you visualize an image of Elie’s family being separated, and the quote on page 115 makes you visualize a boy looking at a corpse in the mirror. Next, literary devices are used to express how the main character feels by showing what will happen next, giving non-human objects human abilities, and having the opposite meaning. Third, first person point of view is used to help the reader connect to the main character more. For example, the quote on page 39 means when you you feel scared it can change your actions just like Elie, another example is the quote on page 72 explains that when Elie motivated himself by thinking of what they might say about him, and sometimes doing this can help the
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