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In the book Night, there were three father son relationships. Eliezer and Chlomo, Rabbi Eliahou and his son, and Meir and his father. We know the most about Eliezer and Chlomo, because we have been following them since the beginning of the story, and the other two have just recently been introduced. They are all noticeably different, but also show some similarities.
Eliezer and Chlomo and Rabbi Eliahou and his son share some similarities. Both of the fathers worry about their children. Another reason is because Eliahou’s son left him towards the end, and the thought of Eliezer leaving his father had been brought up multiple times in the story. The difference between them is Eliezer never actually left his father, and prayed to God to give him the strength never to turn into Eliahou’s son. Also, Eliezer and Chlomo have a very close two-way bond, whereas Rabbi Eliahou and his son just have a one way bond, being his son didn’t look back after leaving him.
Rabbi Eliahou and his son and Meir and his father are
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The most apparent was the fathers both wanted to help their sons and share with them. They differed in many other ways, the biggest being Eliezer would never purposely hurt his father and Meir killed his over a ration of bread. Another is that Eliezer tried to stay with Chlomo at all costs and it was apparent that Meir wanted nothing to do with his father, to the point of his father not being sure if Meir recognized him or not.
All three father and son pairs are comparable to some extent. They have all shared being in the same terrible situation and going through the worst imaginable thing together. It is noticeable that the Holocaust changed Eliezer and Chlomo’s relationship, and even after barely knowing the other fathers and sons you can tell that their relationships were altered as well. Overall, all three relationships were very significant in helping us understand how terrible the Holocaust
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