Night Idek Quotes

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In the novel Night, Idek shows evil in every way. Idek beats on Eli’s father countless times once to try to get Eli’s gold crown from his mouth. When he wasn’t beating on one of the prisoners he was taking advantage of a young girl at the camp. We see no sign of family in Idek’s life but plenty of evil outbreaks. Even though Idek is also Jewish just like all the other members of the camps and he too treats the prisoners like the German officers would or even worse. In the novel Night it says “One day when idek was seized with one of his fits of frenzy, I got in his way. He leapt on me, like a wild animal…. Suddenly he calmed down. As if nothing had happened , he sent me back to work”(60). This quote shows one of Idek’s many evil outbreaks
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