Night In Ellie Wiesel's Book Night

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The Monster That Came Out at NIght Most parents tell their children that monsters come out at night. What do monsters usually do during the night? They kill or bring death with them. Ellie Wiesel proves this theory true with his use of the word night in his book “Night”. During World War II Adolf Hitler sentenced the Jews to concentration camps to endure hard labor. Also known as the Holocaust. Wiesel was a survivor of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was full of monsters and dark times. Throughout his book the word night appears nearly every time something bad happens to Wiesel or his family; therefor, the word night can symbolize death or horrific events. In Wiesel’s book, “Night” he uses the term night on multiple occasions. Night is foreshadowing death or bad things. Wiesel’s father was summoned during the night by the counsel to discuss their deportation. When Wiesel was at Buna he witnessed the gallows and he later says “that night tasted of corpses”. Juliek plays his violin to an audience of dying men in the dark shed. Wiesel and the prisoners ran through the pitch darkness of the night from Buna to Gleatwitz and if…show more content…
Wiesel compares his barracks to hell. He says, “the barracks we had been made to go into was very long. In the roof were some blue-tinged skylights. The antechamber of Hell must look like this” (32). “My heart was about to burst. There I was face-to-face with the Angel of Death” (34). This expresses how Wiesel was afraid and scared each night but near the end he is not. Wiesel thought about taking the easy way out by throwing himself onto the barbed fence. During his book on page 84 he compares the snow to carpet and falls asleep in the snow. As the days went on Wiesel slowly gave up on his father. He says “Every day, my father was getting weaker. His eyes were watery, his face the color of dead leaves” (107). After his father’s death Wiesel does not cry but says “free at last”
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