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In part C, I assessed Jorian’s writing using the (6 plus 1) rubric. From that rubric, he seemed to struggle with many parts of his writing when comparing it to the expected performance of a sixth-grade student. In this same process[edit], I noticed how particulate and clean his paper was. The font and size of his writing was well done, though a little under grade level, it was pleasing to the eye and easy to follow. There were headings, transitions and proper spacing. To discuss some of these parts of his writing, I had the writing sample on hand during the interview, to reference back to it. I interviewed Jorian outside the library, quite informally, during 8th period, the end of the day, while his teacher read the class Night John by Gary Paulsen. When we separated from the class he felt a…show more content…
He is hesitant to begin writing assignments, requires repeated instructions and intense guidance, and constant reminders to focus on the assignment. He is hesitant to write anything, even if it’s scratch paper to complete math problems. He is very focused when instructed to read silently, or engage in a class read. Literacy doesn’t seem to scare or affect Jorian, it is the pen-to-paper interaction that makes him uneasy. In or out of school, this seems to be the same ill feelings toward writing. He enjoys reading, but not writing. One reason this may exist is if he is comparing his writing to those of his favorite authors. He mentioned one of his favorite books being Diary of Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, which is written from the point-of-view a middle school boy, Greg Heffley, who journals about his life. It is possible that this book alone categorized writing as a hobby of ‘wimpy’ kids and he doesn’t want to identify as such, or that he doesn’t feel as if his writing is at the level of ability of Greg. These are just two, surface-level ideas of why Jorian does not enjoy or engage willingly in
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