Night Marchers Myths

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Night Marchers Hawaii is well known for its beauty. But behind its tropical mountains, oceans, and its sacred places, lies the spirits of life and death. There are many well known myths and legends in the island of Hawaii, but what most people don 't realize, is that those myths and legends are altered everyday. Huaka‘i po, or as today known as the Night Marchers, are ancient Hawaiian spirits, who still roam the tropics till this very day. My family is very familiar with the Hawaiian stories and beliefs, but the story that fascinated all of us, were the stories of the Night Marchers. A well known historian by the name of Glen Grant, published and posted stories that he collected all around the Hawaiian islands. Amazingly, he collected …show more content…

In ancient Hawaii, respect was a very crucial and well know part of the Hawaiian life. It showed who could be trusted, and who could not. Respect also depended upon a person’s rank, or the Ali’i they fell under. To this day, in the Hawaiian culture, people are brought up to respect their elders, themselves and their family name. Legend has it that if you ever encounter a Night Marcher, try to run as fast as you can till you cannot hear their deep war chants, and you know you 're safe. If it 's too late, and they’re on your tail, the best thing to do is to strip naked, and if you can, try your best to pee on yourself or close by. It may sound embarrassing, but back in old Hawaii, Hawaiians couldn 't stand the feeling of being dirty and ashamed of themselves. Some legend says stripping naked causes you to go invisible by the Night Marchers. While others say, it shows them the respect you have for them to spare your life. Encountering a Night Marcher could be between a life and death situation, but for Hawaiians, it works a little different. Having Hawaiian blood running through your veins is the best advantage you can have if ever encountering a Night Marcher. If you 're a Native Hawaiian, or a Hawaiian descendant encountering a Night Marcher, the best thing to do is to stay calm, and say your Hawaiian last name. By doing so, it could identify …show more content…

A famous and notorious place for Night Marchers sightings on the leeward side of Oahu, is Kaena point. Located near the end of Makaha, Ka’ena Point is believed to be the place where all the spirits of Hawaii jump off the leaping rock into the next dimension. Hawaiian historian, Lopaka Kapanui, is a well known supernatural tour guide of Hawaii. Showing haunted places, and telling his own stories he experienced, he once took a group of tourist out to Ka 'ena Point to talk about the Night Marchers, and the respect to show them in an encounter with one. During his tour down Ka’ena Point, Lopaka didn 't take notice that the night he was carrying out his tour on Night Marchers, was the night of no moon. A group of approximately 40 people were with him. As he was telling the stories about the Night Marchers and the respect to show them, a little boy came up to the bushes near the trail to take a photo. Floating over the boys head were orbs of light, and about a foot behind him, stood feathered caped warriors with spears in their hands. As the parents of the boy showed Lopaka and the rest of the group the picture, the words delete showed up on the screen, and the picture no longer existed. Just as the picture deleted, the wind bended the grass and bushes, sending a foul smell down to Lopaka and the tourist with him. The drums and chanting from the bushes played so loud, that Lopaka ran for the bus. Just as he turned around to look if everyone was behind him, he

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