Night Of The Boston Tea Party Analysis

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The Night of the Boston Tea Party I am about to talk about my grandfather John, he was in the Boston Tea party. He blames the Loyalist because of their unfair taxes, unfair rules, and think they have the blame for the Boston Tea Party. He was the bravest Patriot I knew. So without further ado this is my grandfather's journey through the Boston Tea Party. It was December 16, 1773 John was talking about how he did not like the British taxes and laws to his wife Mary. His best friend Sam comes up to him and tells him about the plan they have to protest the British Parliament's tax on tea. “The Sons of Liberty are going to dump the next cargo ship of tea when it arrives during the night time”, Sam said. “We could get into a lot of trouble Sam, you know this”, said John. “But we are…show more content…
So with that Sam left from John’s front porch and continued onto his house. The rest of that day all John could think about was their plan. Mary was not to fond of this plan and wanted John to say no. She knew her husband had the chance of getting caught and being killed. Mary could not imagine what life would be like without him so she wanted him to refuse Sam’s invitation to go raid the tea ship that came that night. If John went to tonight's event he either lives or dies he has a wife and three kids he’d lose them. His kids would grow up without a father, John couldn’t bare to think of what would happen if he were to die. But in the end he is a Patriot and he needs to stand up for his people. So his final decision now is...he will be apart of the Boston Tea Party. It was 11:50 pm right now and John is on his way to the Boston Harbor. John felt the adrenaline rushing through him as he got closer. He saw Sam up ahead with Alex, Johnny, Mazen, and Peter. Sam looked super excited to see me. “JOHN!!!!! Buddy you came”, Sam said. I just replied with a simple head nod not really knowing what to say to
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