Night Of The Living Dead Thesis Statement

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Running head: WORKSHEET 1 WORKSHEET 2 Worksheet Name University Date In your own words, and in one sentence, summarize the thesis. A thesis statement shows what the film or paper will be exploring in the film Night of the Living Dead the development of racism is the thesis statement. How might the thesis sentence be specified or clarified? Thesis sentence in the Night of Living Dead can be clarified by characters being involved in the roles that show effects of racism in the society. Try to identify some of the directions the argument could go. If there are multiple claims or arguments, how might they fit under one, overarching issue? What might be the strongest, concrete, or most fruitful argument? You may find, for instance,…show more content…
In the film there are various proofs or facts that support the issue the film addressing. The most fruitful argument is the argument concerning racism and how the main actor who is black plays his roles in attempt to fight racism. The argument should have supporting documents that is primary sources which include newspapers, diaries, letters, government documents, and minutes of a meeting in an organization. Also, the argument should have secondary sources such as books, articles, films, and lecture notes among other sources. A researcher must use credible sources in his or her argument for readers to be contended with his or her argument. For sources to be credible the researcher should sort various sources to determine the fairest and clearest sources. It is a good practice to recognize shortcoming and biases from each source. Using evidence in the research is important to prevent generalization of the argument since one is able to point out an opposing point of view. It is important for any argument in the research to have critics since readers are able to know how different people view the same topic under discussion before making their
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