Night Of The Scorpion Dialectical Journal

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The main protagonist, Kino, wakes up to the crowing of roosters and the crashing of the beach waves. His wife, Juana, had woken up moments before to greet him with shimmering eyes. Their son, Coyotito, was still sound asleep in his hanging cradle. Kino listens to his surroundings to create a mental song, a skill used by the ancients of his people with whatever they had heard. The family had all woken up, eaten breakfast, and started the day. The ropes that suspended Coyotito’s cradle also let in cracks of sunlight. One of which had let in a dangerous scorpion, the scorpion had slowly crawled down the rope to Coyotito. As the scorpion makes its way to Coyotito’s crib, Juana and Kino have the ultimate decision to make, pray or act. Juana chooses to pray against the dangerous scorpion, while Kino slowly approaches the cradle. Kino fails to catch the scorpion as it lands on and strikes Coyotito. His screams had caught the attention of fellow neighbors, Juana called for the neighbors to get the doctor, which surprised Kino. As the doctor refused to make a visit, Kino and Juana made their way to the doctor’s citadel. The doctor…show more content…
Their reason was simple: Kino had found the ‘Pearl of the World”. Kino looks deep into the pearl to see the glories and bright future for him and his family: he properly weds Juana, sends Coyotito to a good school, and lives a successful life. The doctor accepts to treating Coyotito, which gives the couple some worry. Kino repeatedly buries and unearths the pearl which gives Juana some concern. Later Kino sees a person near his hut, assumes it is a thief, attacks, and fails to catch the entity. Juana pleads for Kino to get rid of the pearl, he talks her into relief and assurance that he will sell the pearl. Kino arrives at a pearl dealer’s store, only to be told that the pearl is only worth a small

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