Night Over The Night Movie Analysis

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The film contains a sufficient amount of examples standing for the problems in the society, especially when considering the relations between the young people and the older generations or the eternal wish of young people to seem better than they are. The main conflict of the story starts when Marie appears to get involved in the issue with her step-father who wants to control over everything happening at his home and does not pay attention to the needs and the wishes of his step-daughter. Moreover, the conflict is further developed as Jean 's father refuses to help Marie in providing her a place to get over the night. With regard to this, the communication between the characters takes place in a rather tensioned atmosphere where no one of them is ready to subject and to provide the help to the couple in love. However, the communication has its meaning not only in delivering the information within the framework of the described situation, but also in terms of its meaning for the society and for reflection of the wider context in which the communication is taking place.
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In any regard, the analysis of the communication and its interpretation do not only require from the viewer a profound knowledge, but also the understanding of the context. The perception of the text only in the film is impossible since a large amount of attention should be paid to the behaviors of the actors, to their facial expressions, and to their intonations. Only by considering all those aspects, communication between the characters could be considered in the fullest way. However, this all-covering considerations are somewhat impossible in case of the soundless film while emotions are delivered without the text and the viewer may only guess about the intonations of the actors. Nevertheless, the process of communication analysis performed in terms of text analysis also is able to provide the basis for understanding of the underlying conditions and the context in which the events are

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