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The three poems I chose are “Family Rite” by Howard Starks, “Night Rider” by Ron Wallace, and “The Ride” By Sony Tillis and Sam Weedman. I chose these poems, because I thought that they all had an excellent lesson about life. This is what I have taken away and interpreted from these works, In “Family Rite” by Howard Starks memories have been locked away and forgotten in the form of pictures, but are brought up and remembered at family gatherings. They bring out the old hat box of pictures that were locked in the darkness together. The family would get the memories out of the darkness and share a laugh or cry at the event the items made them remember about the days that seem to be so long ago. This was the way they knew life as kids and the…show more content…
Losing people is one of the hardest things we go through in life especially if it the people we spend the good times with and when they are no longer there to share them with it is almost impossible to have a good time. In the poem “Night Rider” by Ron Wallace time is on the run and cannot be held back from leaving, as said by Wallace “You can’t fence years in with wire or build stone walls to hold them back” (1,2). No matter how hard you try to slow down time it will do you no good you just must make the best of the time you have. You should “saddle up your sorrel pony” and use the time that is given to you to do what you can, not just sit there and waste it. The years are compared to an unbranded calf who are free to roam the earth. As said by Wallace “some are sharp horned and will hook you if they can” (5,6). These are the hard years the ones you just want to pass by and forget about, ones that chew you up and spit you out. He also says that “most are slow and easy going” (7). Hopefully most of your years on earth are easy and good things happen and just slide on

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