Night Terror Research Paper

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“The extreme episodes of panicking and confusion, is best known as night terrors.” (Boringini) People who tend to have night terrors never remember what happened. Night terrors usually begin in the first one to two hours of a non-REM sleep. (Boringini) Night Terrors can occur due to these three reasons. One, stressful or traumatic life events. (Night Terrors) Two, the body deprives for sleep. Three, they have immature nervous systems. (Night Terrors) To begin with, night terrors in children may occur when there is some conflict or tension in their household. (Barclay) The conflict and tension gradually builds up stress, which usually results in night terrors. High stress levels can cause children to lose sleep and have nightmares. Many adults do not realize that children can become stressed when they sense their elders are overwhelmed. (Ben-Joseph) When children are in the middle of a stressful situation, they become a candidate for experiencing a terrifying dream. Staying the night away from home can cause a great…show more content…
Unlike adults, they have a more immature nervous system. (Ben-Joseph) The immaturity of their nervous system’s causes the brain to have some un normal dysfunctions. A very rare condition, called Narcolepsy, is a lifetime nervous system that causes abnormal sleep. (Lights) Night terrors are caused by over- arousal of the central nervous system during sleep. (Ben-Joseph) As a child’s nervous system matures, their night terrors tend to disappear. (Ben-Joseph) The nervous system plays a major role in controlling the night terrors. In conclusion, night terrors can occur due to many concepts. The main three reasons that night terrors occur is; high stress levels, sleep deprivations, and the immaturity of the central nervous system. When there is some conflict in a child’s household, they can become very stressed. (Barclay) The high stress levels cause the child to experience the trauma at
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