Night To His Day Judith Lobber Summary

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In the article “Night to His Day’: The Social Construction of Gender,” Judith Lobber argues that children learn from what their parents teach them. I believe that to be a true and my mother who raised me for ten years on her own proves this. I had to learn from my mother what it represents to stand up for myself, how to work for what I want, and how to be my own person no matter what the cost. My mother was in the military and she had to raise me and my little brother alone for many years. She had to teach us what it meant to be a man and everything it took. My mother taught me to stand up for myself. One of her famous rules was, “If you get into a fight, do not throw the first punch but make sure you throw the last.” This is something a father would normally teach his son so they can stand up to bullies in school. My mother had to teach me this because I did not have a father in my life at the time. My mother also became well known for helping people n jobs such as building, fixing, and repairing…show more content…
She enrolled us in every sport she could think of to make sure we had a chance just like every other boy in our area. We played soccer, baseball, backyard football, and basketball. My mother would also coach these sports for my little brother’s team. She used to tell people, “usually a father, coaches little league sports, but since my son does not have one I have to step up and do it for his good.” when they asked why she coaches. My mother taught me at a young age that if I messed up something I have to fix it myself. She taught me, I cannot hide from my mistakes. I have to do what I am supposed to do and what is needed of me to do. If I was to anger a teacher or do something to get myself in trouble, I had to fix it on my own. She would not do it for me. She also taught us that any respectful young man knows how to fix his own problems and overcome them on his
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