Night Tyrone Research Paper

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It was a long hot sunny day on the west side of Chicago. The date was July 9, 1993. Tyrone who was a part of a gang called the Chargers, he was only 19 years who has had a long past with trouble with his rival gang called the Rams. Tyrone had gone down to the park with one of his friends named Derick. This was just a normal day at the park for Tyrone and Derick. Then this random girl had come up and asked if Tyrone knew where this party was at, then told Derick and Tyrone that if they could give Julie the directions for this party that this girl named Shanay was having then they could go. So they continued on to tell Julie where the party was. Later that day Tyrone and Derick went to the party. When they got to the party everyone was playing their own games outside. So when they showed up nobody noticed them. Shortly after they got there Julie walked up to Derick and showed him who Shanay was. When Shanay and Derick met Shanay knew that he was from the rival gang, but didn’t say anything to anybody so nobody got shot, or hurt.…show more content…
Donna had texted Shanay and her friend to come home. When they got some Donna had asked where they were. She stalled at first because Tyrone was supposed to come to her house and return the bracelet that she had dropped. Finally she told Donna that she had to go finish homework and she went outside to her porch to wait for Tyrone. After waiting for 20 minutes she had got mad and started talking to herself in a mad way, but little did she know that Tyron was hiding behind the tree so nobody could see him. After listening to her mumble on he showed himself and gave her the bracelet back. She had told him that he needs to leave because if anyone had seen him then he would be
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