Night Vs Life Is Beautiful Analysis

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Night vs. Life is Beautiful "The only thing that you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don't have control over your situation, but you have a choice about how you view it" (Pine, n.d.). This quote from Chris Pine (n.d.) shows that life is truly what one make of it and how you deal with situation that are presented to you. This is evidently seen through juxtaposing the novel Night (2006) by Elie Wiesel and the film "Life is Beautiful" (2000). The different perspectives of children living through the Holocaust display how perspective is the only thing an individual has control over. With the novel Night and the move "Life is Beautiful, the Holocaust was viewed both similarly and differently through the father/son relationship, the mood of sadness, and the theme of self-preservation. Family is the greatest way to shape one's perspective, and the bond between a father and son is the most essential. In Night, the relationship between Elie and his father is displayed throughout the novel as Elie's father becomes increasing incapable of providing for himself. Due to…show more content…
In Night, the father and son relationship was one of a child taking on the roles the father could no longer do; whereas, in "Life is Beautiful" Guido cares for his son. In respect to the concept of sadness, Elie experienced the sadness of Auschwitz first-hand, which is contrasted by Joshua remaining naïve for the duration of his imprisonment. Lastly, is the theme of self-preservation which in Elie's case drove the inmates mad as they would have rather killed each other than help each other; however, in "Life is Beautiful" in spite of these same conditions, the inmates stood together to help a little boy. These two portrayals of the tragedy of the Holocaust go to show how perspective is the greatest tool to either defying or becoming victim to one's
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