Night Waitress Poem Analysis

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Poetry and a painting are both different. In poetry, we use our brain to read and we think about what the poetry means. In painting, we use our eyes to look at the painting, which is obvious. We evaluate the color, the background and so on. At the same time however, Poetry and painting are also similar. They both hidden a true message. Edward Hopper is considered one of the most iconic painter of all time. He was known for creating many iconic, valuable paintings. The one painting that tops his other work is the Nighthawk. The painting is set in a diner (similar to IHOP or Denny's). Inside the diner are a bartender and 3 more people. 1 man and 1 woman are sitting next to each other and it seems that they must be frustrated with each other. One other man is sitting all alone with his head down with a cup of coffee. Now, there are a couple of speculations and hidden messages on what the painting represents. The painting setting is at night. Maybe, the three people are having a long and bad day and just want to grab a quick bite to eat. Or they just go to the diner at 3 AM because maybe they just felt like doing so. The one part of the painting that really got my attention is the man sitting alone with his head…show more content…
But that doesn't mean we don't have the knowledge to figure out what the true meaning is. The "Night Waitress" is a poem about a night waitress who obviously work in a night shift at a local diner. The diner is what the poem and the painting have in common. They both have a same setting. The tone of the poem may sound may sound like the narrator may sound depressed or just felt lonely. She may have accepted the fact that she will have a career as a waitress for the rest of her life. Another thing the poem and the painting have in common is the fact that the narrator in "Night Waitress" felt like she is trapped in her own world and doesn't know a way
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