Nightcry: Project Scissors

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NightCry, previously known as Project Scissors, is a spiritual successor to the cult-classic Clock Tower series - made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign courtesy of the franchise's original creator Hifumi Kouno's new studio Nude Maker. NightCry stars a group of students who are terrorized by a mysterious entity wielding a massive pair of razor sharp scissors aboard a luxurious cruise ship located somewhere in the Carribean. Should you strive to ensure the safety of the students aboard the Oceanus or should you leave them to fend for themselves? Worst. Cruise. Ever. Monica stumbles drunkenly out of the dining room and into the reception area. A young clerk greets her and inquires whether or not she has been overindulgent with the alcohol, obviously concerned about her well-being. Monica absentmindedly declines the young man's offer of a glass of water as she is preoccupied with Jerome's, a famous, and more importantly vastly…show more content…
In addition to the aforementioned Monica, players will assume control over Leonard, the class' professor, and his ward Rooney. And while NightCry's central storyline is a linear affair, the multiple perspectives does illuminate some events differently; it offers substantiation through a reexamination of prior incidents, and that gives rise to an interconnectedness between the chapters. However, I feel Nude Maker doesn't utilize the disparate viewpoints enough to warrant the inclusion of numerous protagonists - and the story doesn't require it either. The result is that the entirety of the second chapter felt woefully out of place and tacked on merely to examine a narrative beat that feels unnecessary. It gets worse, however. Because as you assume control over Rooney in the final chapter, it becomes evidently clear that she's the star of the production, which calls into question why we spent so much time consumed with non-essential
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