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Nightjohn’s Story His back lay on the unforgiving, moist hardwood planks, his sunken eyes gazing into the darkness. Nightjohn was sentenced to the white monsters for stealing a loaf of bread. He had managed to get the medicine for his little sister but now she would be starving and it was all his fault. Most people cried out of loss and selfishness, some people prayed to God silently. Not Nightjohn, his tears had dried the moment they had shackled him to the floor. Nightjohn knew his sister was as good as dead the moment he was caught. Who would take care of her now? Someone was bound to give her trouble if she didn’t succumb to her illness. But Nightjohn could not imagine the guilt she would feel, she would neglect her health and pass in her…show more content…
As the cart pulled to a stop near a field an elderly man limped and bowed before his master.” This is a new one, teach him the ropes and make sure he does it properly!” The man yelled and Nightjohn took his cue to get off the cart. It rode off and he was left with a man who carried a tired smile.” Hi, my name is Tim” his voice sounded like the crackling of wood burning over a fire, it emitted warmth and kindness.” Nightjohn” the younger answered. As the stars etched into the black night sky the two men stood in the swaying white stalks.” So what’d you get in for?” A chuckle laced with strife left Tim’s mouth.” My sister… she was sick so I stole some bread for her. But… that doesn’t matter now because she’s going to die now. She has no one to care for her and she will not get better.” Tim looked over at Nightjohn.” You don’t sound so sad” he stated.” Believe me, old man, I am much more than sad right now! I can’t afford to dwell on it any longer, just accept it and take the responsibility” Nightjohn glared.” For a young fellow, you’re quite depressing to be around” sighed Time as he walked out of the fields whilst motioning for the junior to
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