Emotions In Tim Burton's Films

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Moves can show emotion in ways real life can not and Tim Burton’s films do this by creating emotions that are contradictory. An emotional state or reaction is a feeling and movie directors use them to help create stories. Some of the best movies make you feel multiple ways at once to make your movie going experience the best it can be. he uses close ups, music, and low key lighting to create comidikly unnerving feelings in the audience. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(Charlie) was a children 's story that Tim Burton adapted and turned it into a slightly darker story than the one we knew. In the movie many characters are put into situations that are comical, but would in real life end in death. One such moment would be when a girl named Vurka Salt is thrown into an incinerator pit by squirrels who deem her a bad nut, as she tips over the edge of the pit the audience is given one last look at her fearful face. The situation is on the surface is a harmless joke about how the girl is a selfish brat who needs discipline. Strangely at the same time it seemed as if one of the characters was killed for being a bad person. One of the many uses of music in films is to create feelings or emotions in the audience that would not be there naturally. In one of the other scenes the tour grupe goes thru a…show more content…
Many of the shots of the character Edward begin with his hands and then move up his body. These closeups of Edward’s omenes ependiges make the entire seen to come slightly frightening. In the film the music is a chorus of voices that seemed to be imitating angels. Tim Burton did this to show that despite his appearance Edward is a good natured soul that only wants to be apart of the town. In his film Tim Burton uses darkness to show the unknown and that which the audience cannot understand. Armed with this knowledge the audience can see that all things that have ties with Edward are
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