Nightmare Demon Pot Research Paper

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Nightmare Demon Pot is an unusual mysterious treasure, has the extremely remote inheritance. Nie Li felt in Nightmare Demon Pot extremely formidable Aura, this Aura, even was much more formidable than his previous generation peak. Moreover, in this pot as if is also containing some abstruse mysterious thought that feels such one merely, Nie Li then felt that own soul sea is surging crazily. This Nightmare Demon Pot is actually who inherits, manufactures this Nightmare Demon Pot person, decides however is an extraordinary super big energy. Heavenly Law Power extracts from the soul sea unceasingly, although there is a that vine cane to provide Heavenly Law Power, the Nie Li soul sea quickly was drained. Quick must unable to suppress that two…show more content…
To this! Such was defeated? The thought of Nie Li is stimulating to movement Nightmare Demon Pot crazily, suddenly, in the mind the miraculous glow flashes through together. Could understand anything from Nightmare Demon Pot. The thought of Nie Li seeps in Nightmare Demon Pot slowly, the surrounding all had the marvelous change suddenly, Nie Li felt that in Nightmare Demon Pot was containing a huge space, inside Heavenly Law Power was vast, was ordinary just like the vast expanse of water sea. Even if all Heavenly Law Power in Holy Ghost fairyland gingko, definitely is unable to place on a par with this vast ocean. The thought sweeps off, limitless, making Nie Li feel itself tiny so. The strength that in demon spirit that these blast open contains, was all inhaled in this space, is to Nightmare Demon Pot, strength that these absorb, is ordinary just like a water drop, cannot start mighty waves. However in Nightmare Demon Pot this profound vast general strength, tranquilly just like coagulating generally, seems at the condition of deep sleep. The thought placed in this piece of space, Nie Li has sat cross-legged tranquilly, was practicing the Heavenly God Technique first chapter silently. The Divine Technique ray flows in the Nie Li body week unceasingly, is evolving
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