Night's Sleep Cycles Which Identify The Four Stages Of Sleep

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Sleep is not uniform, but a typical night 's sleep cycle is comprised of four stages. We can identify these stages based off electroencephalogram, which monitors brain waves and patterns. Stage one is a state of sleep where your eyes are closed and it is light, but if aroused they person may say they were not in fact sleeping. Stage two consists of a light slumber and the muscles begin to relax as well a decrease in heart rate. Additionally, the second stage can see a result of lowered body temperature and the beginning of the process to prepare for deep sleep. The following stage is three which entails deep sleep. Deep sleep is a heavier version of sleep and are named delta or slow wave sleep formations. The third stage is a continuation into stage …show more content…

Another theory, the circadian rhythm theory, suggests that we sleep to keep our bodies safe and protect it from physical harm. A third theory, memory consolidation view, states that we retain memories better in our sleep as well as construct an improved long term function. So, if my roommate was to disrupt my sleep cycles regularly I would have deficient energy throughout the day. I would feel constantly tired and my mental state would be working at a less than efficient level. My cognitive function would decline and my memory would not be able to retain new information nearly as well. I might be less imaginative or creative because a lot of idea come from sleep and more specifically from REM, but if I never reach REM then that would dwindle. If the lack of sleep makes me tired the following day my attention span, concentration, reasoning ,and problem solving will be affected. Therefore, my ability to learn will be severely impacted because my learning relies on those function previously stated. Additionally, I could develop various conditions as a result of sleep deprivation such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. All of these would affect my learning capabilities and take a toll on my

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