Nike Case Study

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During this week’s assignment, I am describing how the company Nike came under scrutiny for various unethical practices in the year of 1990. Additionally, I will explain how Nike came to that situation, positive and negative impacts of this strategy, how Nike responded or should respond to this situation and what would the consequences have been then. How Nike Came to the Situation through Its Expansion Strategy Nike came to the undesired position of rampant international criticism for engaging in unethical operations when the company commenced business transactions from industrial players with a negative employee treatment record. A substantive number of the factories that supplied Nike with sport wear products had depicted several breaches in human rights attributes that it had the responsibility to safeguard for its employees (Burgelman, 2017). Some of the supplier companies paid meager wages to its worker and did not establish safe and healthy working environments for its workforce as stipulated in the best practice directives at that time. The examples of places where Nike sourced supplies from deplorable employee conditions include Pakistan, Cambodia, and Indonesia. The industrial rot in the factories in these countries culminated in unethical operations such as child labor, employee abuse and imposed overtime to exhausted and poorly remunerated workers (Klimkiewicz & Janusz, 2016). With Nike’s globalization effort came the criticism and scrutiny into the state of

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