Nike Case Study

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The great majority of society go to work everyday and although they may not enjoy working, chances are they are most likely in a clean, friendly, and safe environment. Some employees around the world do not have this luxury. In fact 75% of Nike factory workers quit every year because of the terrible conditions discussed in this essay. Despite the fact that Nike updated their working conditions in 2002, they still need to improve their working conditions in their factories abroad by making the conditions in the factory safer, treating the employees fairly in the workplace, and increasing the workers pay. This will help the employees because it will decrease injuries/ illnesses, and help the employees live healthier and happier lives. The conditions in the factories are extremely unsafe for the employees. Nike needs to improve the safety of the workers by reducing their use of toxic chemicals, supplying the employees with the necessary safety equipment, and decreasing the amount of hours the employees work. Nike uses many toxic chemicals that the employees have to deal with that it is having a big impact on the employees well being. According to “FACTs and FAQs about Nike’s labor abuses,” 77% of Nike workers in China and Vietnam suffer from respiratory problems. This shows how big of an impact working with these toxins has had on these people. Some of the chemicals Nike uses are shown to cause liver, kidney, and brain damage. These same chemicals are 177 times the legal
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