Nike Code Of Ethics Summary

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This project is focused onthe unethical behaviors of Nike. The essay will be exploring the ethical situation of Nike, the unethical behaviors, as well as the company’s role in reducing and correcting its unethical issues.Nike is no doubt one of the world’s leading footwear and apparel company, but continues to outsource its manufacturing to factories in Asian countries like China, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, and South Korea. In using these countries, Nike continues to realize huge profit margins due to the availability of cheap labor in these countries. This practice has led to a number of ethical issues over the years for the company, bringing the social responsibility standing regularly under
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It also states that it is based on respect, integrity and especially howemployees should be motivated.
Ethical issues
Ethics is a rule that tells the difference between right and wrong. It helps to know the behavior of the employees in a company and encourage us to do the right and good thing. This is all about the way Nike should do the right thing in an ethical way.
Ethically, people in the position to make decisions in Nike should bejust, not biased, state of being equal and be thoughtful of the right of the individuals and their workers.
Nike faced ethical dilemma within the company, this ethical dilemma means a moral problem with choice of two or more options. It occurs in their business when they have to take a decision to make weighs values and morals against profitability and also when identified solution is very undesirable because of harmful ethical effect. Though right and wrong is not stated in the situation but let’s look into the ethical challenges faced by the company business.

The unethical behavior of Nike (what
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Nike was rated to be one of the leading companies that practice child labor and sweatshops. Sweatshops is a workshop that employee works and are being paid with a very low wages for a long hours even under a very poor working environment. Nike has this workshop all over the world and report shows that Nike employees in Vietnam, Indonesia, Korean and some other Countries not mentioned earned below 25 cents per hour.Supervisors hit the workers and use abusive words, sometimes workers cannot use the bathroom or drink water without taking permission from the supervisor. It is widely found for workers to faint. In short, their working experience is a slavery
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