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Nike is the biggest and most popular company when it comes to sports, closely followed by adidas. Nike releases many commercials in order to stay on top of their business and bring in more money. One of the best soccer related commercials they have made is ¨Winner Stays On¨.It is a sports commercial made in attempt to attract more people to purchase their soccer gear. This commercial could appeal to any soccer player or aspiring professional athlete because it revolves around the game of soccer they are playing to determine which team gets to stay. The phrase winner stays on is commonly used in all sports as a way of competing against each other. The commercial uses many methods like the use of pro soccer players, good editing, variety of camera angles, music, humor, skills, and a storyline to showcase numerous Nike products to the viewers. Some of these methods are put to use straight away in the commercial. It begins by showing both teams walking up to the half-way line and agreeing to playing a game where the winner stays on. Then, one says, ¨if winner stays on, I guess I´m Cristiano Ronaldo then¨(0:09). As he walks behind another player for a split second, he becomes Ronaldo. The music then starts playing as other players start transforming into other professional…show more content…
It continues the flow of the commercial and game and also shows how well any player can do if they are wearing Nike products. At the very end of the commercial, after the kid makes the penalty, everyone is celebrating the goal and white text comes on the screen that says risk everything. This is implying that anyone can be great at what they choose to do if they take risks. The concept of him playing as himself throughout the game and then scoring the game winning goal gives the viewers a feeling that they could be like him and play with all the stars if they wore Nike

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