Nike Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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1. Why did Nike fail to address corporate social responsibility early on?

Nike fail to address Corporate Social Responsibility early on because to be remain competitive, keep on producing in low cost and increasing profit, Nike footwear factory has moved to the other country with low costs labor. At first, Nike was founded in U.S then began moving to other country in the 1960s, to Japan, then Korea and Taiwan, and in the beginning 1980s, to Southern China and Nike footwear production still keep on moving to the other Asian country where the manufacturing cost is still low.

Nike moves its factories to Indonesia, Vietnam, and China, when the cost in Japan became expensive. And the source of crisis is the working condition in these factories because of the accusation of poor condition, child labor, and widespread harassment
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Evaluate Nike’s response to societal and consumer concerns about its contract manufacturing.

It is a shock for the media as they did uncovered that Nike’s the industry leader, has a twisted problem within its own company, and the topic itself had spread rapidly to the worldwide in no time because Nike’s company did not take an immediate measurement to face the problem.

Since the mid-1990s, critics about Nike labour rights had arisen rapidly in a massive amount, not only from the public, there are critics of from the mainstream media, and from human and labour rights violations bodies as well, such as child labor.

In order to counter and response the criticism, Nike has to take a quick and suitable decision, in goal to rectify the problem, but as well as to redeem its reputation. Therefore Nike’s new priorities is making sure that their factories were not taking advantages of its workers anymore, and to ensure for a competitive wage and a safe work environment is provided for each worker.

So, some ways to overcome these problems are:

a) They need to establish a worldwide monitoring system of their countries spread all around the

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