Nike Short A Guy Analysis

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Nike “Gear up for greatness.”

“Capability means imagination” Napoleon Hill. That three-words quote is the recipe for success. Believing in your capability with a minor improvement in circumstances and suddenly you can hang with the greats. That exactly what I felt when I came across Nike’s “Short a Guy” video on YouTube. The 90-second commercial follows a boy who’s continually invited to join sports team “short a guy”. He moves through basketball, a 10km Sun Run, baseball, wrestling, beach volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, and gridiron. The ad fast-paced tempo with the warm summer feel fun, and light humor style gave me the desire to participate in some outdoor sport. The “Short a Guy” commercial is designed to connect teenagers who are into sports to Nike’s Gear Up hub on by showing multi-sports theme.

The spot speaks quite effectively to kids (of both sexes and all ages) to take the field with their heroes. The commercial starts with a regular kid riding a skateboard by his neighborhood park. When he gets there a game of pickup basketball is going on, but they are one player short, so they ask him “Hey kid” at 0:02 if he wants to join in. He says “Alright”
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Nike succeeded in driving teenagers who are into sports to go to Gear up e-commerce hub at In this analysis; there were many things that I learned while completing it. Commercial is like a mountain we only see the small tip above the ground. It always has a deeper root. While struggling in my analysis journey, I also learned to use all my tools to descript the codes and interpreter the hidden meaning of the creator work. How he handled the audience, purpose and setting to deliver his point. This Nike’s spot inspired me to train and maybe I’ll pay a visit to the Gear up hub for some advice on how to be great at
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