Nike Globalization Case Study

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The globalization of free trade was the one who started making competition increasingly fierce. Especially for companies that are well known in the international world. The competition is only about the profit and how to gain more. Therefore, it is no longer thinking about the fate and state of labor workers. This, poor working conditions have been present for centuries. Often little or nothing was done except a tragedy happens to persuade the public to raise workers ' rights. This is certainly the case in the United States during the Industrial Revolution, and even at the end of the 20th century. This condition has disappeared for most purposes in the United States, with the exception of some in the agricultural sector. However, internationally, especially in third world countries are poor, which is far from the truth. Large companies from the United States have moved most of their factories overseas to avoid strict working regulations in the United States. Third world countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia provide access to cheap labor is abundan t. These companies can now reap the benefits of the US consumer market, while keeping their costs are very low in offshore production. It is that seen as a big opportunity for .But before we look at the problems at overseas sites, we must first understand why Nike moved the majority of its production is so far from its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon .Untapped markets around the world presented some

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