Nike Greek Mythology

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If you have ever heard of the athletic brand Nike, you probably don’t know who it is named after. It is named after a winner. That winner is the greek goddess Nike.

Nike is a flying goddess and is the champion of Victory, Speed, and Strength. Nike liked to fly around the battlefields to award the winning team. Nike and and her siblings were close friends of the god Zeus. According to an old story, Styx brought them to Zeus while assembling allies for the famous Titan War. Nike is apparently the daughter of Titan Pallas and the greek goddess Styx and the sister Kratos (Strength).

Nike’s real name is Victoria, of course this is similar to the word “Victory”. As Nike is one of the most famous gods/goddesses, it is weird that Nike does not have many mythology stories written about her. When Nike does have her own story, it is usually mixed with tales of the greek goddess Athena, the goddess of War and Strategy. Athena and Nike were said to be the only greek goddesses to stand by the main greek god, Zeus.
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It is said when she and Athena were the 1st goddesses to join Zeus in the Titan War. Nike and her siblings were usually pictured sitting besides Zeus on his throne as helpers. As a reward, Zeus gave Nike a golden chariot to ride Zeus’s troops into War. This scene is often depicted on a Greek Vase.

From this point on, there isn’t much to say about the almighty goddesses Nike. From here on, Athena really takes control of the helper duties and Nike almost fades into the background. But let’s not forget the wonderful and beautiful goddesses Nike. Just Do It! Oh wait……. I think that’s the wrong

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