Nike Just Do It Campaign Analysis

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NIKE “Just do it” Campaign.

Nike, Inc. is a top supplier and advertiser of sportswear and supplies. The American maker was established on Jan 25, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1978, the new Nike, Inc. was fabricated under the name of Nike.

The world's No. 1 shoemaker outlines and exchanges shoes for a variety of sports. Nike produces dress and easy shoes, and also physical clothing. Nike is presently included in the outline, development and advertising of footwear, attire, supplies, and frill items, and covering different sorts of sports.

The "Just Do It" campaign propelled in 1988 was highly fruitful with the Age selecting the campaign as one of the top two taglines of the twentieth century with it being both "general and individual". While Reebok was directing its campaign
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The "Just Do It" campaign was additionally viable in reassuring buyers that the brand they picked, Nike, was a quality brand. This was most adequately depicted by celebrity sports figures, for example, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. The chance that Michael Jordan can play a whole NBA season in a couple of Nikes, absolutely the consumer can believe the shoes' durability.

Components of Perception:
As a consumer, Nike always represents great quality and highly reliable. However, the prices are higher than other brands. Consumer feels that Nike overchanges its consumers and ought to lessen the cost of their items.
Celebrity endorsements additionally engaged the consumer's having a feel of belonging, as Nike turned into a fulfilling toward its image.

Product Positioning:
Segmentation and Targeting:
For “Just Do It” campaign, targeting market was:
• Young people, from 20-30 years old, low and middle income and social
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