Nike's Organizational Change

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In relation to Nike’s organisational the main changes was due in the leadership structure. Nike’s brand president Charlie Denson who has been the president for 34 years has decided to step down and retire in January 2014.Also with this decision, The company has announced strategic changes in its executive management team. These changes illustrate the company’s focus on idea of increasing innovation, design and product quality within its own staff. Nike also aim on increasing its focus on supply chain and the design of Nike’s products.

We will now examine the strategic changes in the senior executives within Nike.
Trevor Edwards, the executive vice president of brand and category management, will now acquire the role of Nike Brand President
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Nike wanted to get 5 main points across during this organisational change.
As a company, Nike wanted to dedicate time to think the most effective way to complete their goals while also keeping their staff happy at the same time. They agreed on a motto which was if something wasn’t working, figure out how to make it work. There other motto went hand in hand with their previous one stating if something is working, look for opportunities to make it work better.

If constant evolution is expected within your company, people will look for new ways to improve the business. Nike put a spin on this and wanted to make change comfortable. They wanted to change the expectation that change comes regularly and also encouraged everyone in the company to contribute to the process of defining and encouraging the change in some way. This created an empowered workforce within
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Nike wanted to remove complacency from the company altogether and create a culture of continual positive change, management. They also encouraged employees to become more innovative and welcome their opinions and ideas more, creating a friendlier atmosphere within the company.

With these changes, Nike is showing the world that it’s not done innovating and the company 's certainly not afraid to make the changes they deem necessary to continue being the best. The company leadership shares a dedication to excellence and constant improvement.
The changes reflect Nike 's focus on the consumer by accelerating innovation, emphasizing design, creating product & merchandising excellence, and focusing significantly on efficient supply chain and manufacturing capabilities.
With Nike 's supply chain in particular, they 've gone to great lengths to make their business processes more efficient and offer consumers innovative new products and features. For example, their Nike ID platform allows consumers to make customized Nike shoes, gear, and apparel online with no minimum order quantity for a small premium above typical retail prices for non-customized

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