Nike Mythology

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Mythology to society is just ancient past, but essentially it’s not. It’s thriving and very alive. Take a trip to your local mall and check the footwear department of any sporting store and there you’ll find the goddess nike ("History of Nike •", 2018). The name Nike characterizes the goddess who exemplified victory on the battlefield ("NIKE - Greek Goddess of Victory (Roman Victoria)", 2018). In retrospect, if persons were asked the name Nike, Greek mythology is least expected to arise. The name Nike is now renowned as the most iconic brands around the globe. Though, not many people know the story it all began selling shoes from the trunk of a car. The crazy idea that emanated from Phil Knight that grew to become the global…show more content…
“It must be light, comfortable and it’s got to go the distance.” ("Bill Bowerman: Nike’s Original Innovator", 2018). his idea was to create shoes with excellent traction on various types of surfaces. Subsequently his eureka moment arrived one day while having breakfast in 1970, as he envisaged the patterns the waffles created on his plate. “What if you reversed the pattern and formed a material with raised waffle-grid nubs?” he wondered("Bill Bowerman: Nike’s Original Innovator", 2018). Hence Bowerman substituted urethane for batter and engineered the first waffle soles. Henceforth the dawn of a new era footwear in 1974 of the “waffle trainers” that soared to the top of the running shoe market.

In the early 1980s Nike experienced persisted success thanks typically to the tremendous sales of its Air Jordan line. Michael Jordan commercials venerating his slam dunking and high flying antics on the basketball court made the red and black sneakers a hot commodity selling more than $100 million worth in the first 12 months alone. Subsequently sales had reached one billion daollars which saw nike surpass their rivals addidas and thereafter became the worlds no 1 shoe manufacturer.

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