Nike Pest Analysis

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INDEX Page # Introduction of Nike, Inc 1. SWOT ANALYSIS OF NIKE 2. STRENGTHS a. Product Innovation b. Strong Global Brand c. Low Cost Manufacturing with Strong Cash Flow d. Global Presence and Influence e. Proficient Leadership 3. WEAKNESSES a. Excessive Dependence on Footwear b. High Prices of its Products c. High Prices of its Products d. High Advertising Spending 4. OPPORTUNITIES a. Explore Emerging Markets b. The Rise of e-Commerce Trade c. Product Expansion d. Initiatives Towards Better Environment 5. THREATS a. Intense Competition b. Fluctuating International Markets c. Perilous Supply Chain Management d. Recession 6. PEST Analysis for Nike, Inc. 7. Political Factors a. Favorable US Government Policies b. Political Unrest in Some Asian countries c. Changes in International Law 8. Economic Factors a. Rise in Production Cost and Labor Issues b. The Threat of Recession and Competition c. Fluctuating Profit Margin 9. Social Factors a. Consumers Becoming More Brand Conscious b. Consumers Becoming Health and Fashion Conscious c. Increase in Female Consumers d. Working Conditions at Factories 10. Technological Factors a. Innovation b. Marketing Techniques 11. Conclusion Introduction of Nike, Inc. Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation, one of the leading brands which designs, manufactured and sells footwear, accessories, equipment’s etc. Its main focus on producing sportswear and athletics products (, 2016).It was officially named as Nike, Inc on

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