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Paragraph 1 Introduction of Nike According to research Nike was previously known as (BRS) Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964 in Washington, United States. Bill Bowerman was an American Track and Field coach and Phil Knight is an American Business magnate at the same time a philanthropist. The name Nike was named by Phil Knight. Bill Bowerman was the one that give different design ideas of the shoe and Phil Knight handle the company business. Nike had opened numerous stores around global and one of them is Singapore. There is roughly 12 outlets in Singapore and around 2 factory outlets. In this research essay analysis, it will discuss PESTEL and how PESTEL can be a opportunity or threat, it will discuss the Porter’s Five Forces like who comes in rival to Nike and 4 suggestions that is not enclose from above and it will give a conclusion at the same time with the current work environment. Paragraph 2 PESTEL Political factor of country Political elements are particularly vital to the backend of an organization the part we don 't regularly see. The majority of today 's Singapore political changes just influence how an organization can deliver their merchandise or how much benefit they make to following according to the rules and regulation in Singapore, for instance. To Nike, this may appear to be immaterial, however Political variables choose the survivability of an association. For Nike, some of these are:
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