Nike Popular Culture Analysis

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Popular culture is embedded in consumption culture, and functioned as a double-edged sword. One the one hand, popular culture consumption as a resistance has challenged the dominant value; on the other hand, it joins hand with capitalism to manipulate consumers behavior. This essay will indicate why Nike is a part of popular culture consumption which empower and manipulate audiences. By Storey 's definition, popular culture has six frameworks. It is quantitative culture and inferior culture widely loved by audiences. On the one hand, popular culture originates from the people; on the other hand, it also is a mass culture that highly commercialized under Americanization. Therefore, popular culture is about hegemony, which is a conflict site…show more content…
Behind the glamorous image advertisement and marketing of high-priced sporting goods around the world, Nike also is a sweatshop that violates the rights and interests of workers such as unreasonable low wages and overtime work. According to the news reported by Mail Online in 2011, Nike workers in Indonesia only earn about U.S. $ 0.5 an hour and they are not allowed to sick leave. The workers also verbally abused as pigs and dogs (Mail Online, 2011). Based on the news, it is shown that Nike is not an ethical fashion and it profiteered by exploiting labors. The most expensive commodity in the Nike official website is Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat which costs U.S. $325. It is 650 times than a worker hourly earn. Even the cheapest commodity, Nike Ultra Celso Women 's Flip Flop also costs U.S.$ 14.97 which is almost 30 times than a worker hourly earn. The workers in poor countries earn unreasonable low wages and are exploited by the multinational company in globalization, however, consumers often forget the vike material condition of production as they are satisfied with consumption. Nike is work with capitalism and exploited the subordinate
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