Nike Risk Management Essay

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Q.1. Analyze the risk management process of any New Zealand based organization of your choice by answering the following questions.
A) Rationally identify at least four possible risks
 Risk Management Process
 Risk Management Process is a process that the organization use to define, analyze and solve any risk management could happen in the organization regardless of the risk which it might be External or Internal risk management.
 Nike one of the biggest firms which placed in New Zealand, it could face one of the risk management during running the business. External Risk Management have an impact on the business once it happen, Legal Risk Management one of the External risks which the company might face any time such as change regulation which contentiously happen. Thus, Environmental Risk Management is another aspect of the External risks which could happen to the firm in any time such as earthquakes, tornados and volcanoes which they are out of the organization control and hard to manage them once they happen. Further, Internal Risk
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External Risk Management which has the Legal risk and Environmental Risk, regarding to Nike firm the Legal Risk in New Zealand is 5/10 because Nike has branches in all over the world where legislation one the main legal aspects which affect Nike once it happen and Nike has to be aware of it because its continuously change. Environmental Risk Management is 3/10 where New Zealand has some natural hazards such earthquakes but it’s rarely happen where the last earthquake happened in Christchurch where totally destroyed. Further, Internal Risk Management such the Hazards that the employee face is 6/10 where it could happen in a daily basis because Nike has their own factories that produce products. Human Recourse Risk Management is 5/10 in Nike where they manage more than 44000 employees in all over the

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