Nike Social Media Analysis

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Social media has gained popularity as an advertising tool over the past five years, and most companies, nowadays, use them to promote their brand and products. Nike is an American multinational corporation that engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and selling of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. With its headquarters located in Beaverton, Oregon, the company has at least 56,500 employees worldwide. It made a conscious decision to avoid traditional advertising and focused more on digital advertising which is why the company is very active on social media. Sports in general, are a fundamental social activity; therefore brands like Nike are a natural fit when it comes to social…show more content…
Each brand shares information on the latest brand models and their celebrity endorsement inspirations through the use of photos and videos. The social teams are favored in the sense that they have a large amount of athletes around whom they can create and share content, so the global football page displays a large amount of content featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta, as well as a lot of product related posts. Nike is well known for running major branding campaigns, so its Facebook pages do not feature the smaller competitions and sales promotions that we are used to seeing from consumer brands. By organizing their brands the industry creates an accessible family feel to the social network. With approximately 1,862,828 subscribers on YouTube, Nike has proven to generate millions-worth of publicity. This is due to the regularly occurring global events that the company invests in. By posting videos of their global events, they have created more public awareness and interest in the company products. These videos not only go viral but give the company a commercial push. Also, the videos are selected…show more content…
As with Facebook, Nike has individual feeds for its subsidiary brands, including golf, basketball, FuelBand, and football. Nike uses twitter to update readers on new products, answer customer questions, show videos and get detailed feedback. This popular social media enables feedback for product or company improvement. It allows people to view and state their opinion or rather comment on photos and videos. This gives Nike a competitive advantage because it exposes the company to a primary source of information on their target markets reaction to the products. Consumer reviews play a big part on the decisions made by Nike. Dan Moskowitz (2014) says, “Nike has figured out the most important aspect of online marketing, including social media. When you make your marketing about the consumer – getting them involved- it is likely to lead to much traction than that provided by traditional marketing”. More people go online to research reviews on products they plan to buy and prefer the reviews of other users. Therefore, the company acts based on consumer feedback in order to upgrade or improve their product to satisfy the needs of their buyers. For example, the company posts pictures of their products and asks viewers how they feel about it using the caption ‘Yay or Nay’ which
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