Nike Social Responsibility Case Study

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Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility of Nike


Group No. 8, Section D

14P190 – Ashish Gupta
14P196 – Debayan Roy
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Under the guidance of Prof. Meeta Dasgupta

Management Development Institute
Gurgaon 122 001
August, 2015 Executive Summary

Corporate Social Responsibility, when looked through prism of Strategic theories gives rise to multiple approaches. To start with, the project tries to explore the subtle nuances of difference involved in these theories. It gives a detailed description of the Stakeholder Theory, Theory of Triple bottom line, Theory of Corporate Social Responsibility
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The tool that Nike employs to stay ahead of competition is innovation. The developed countries are still the biggest contributor to Nike’s Revenue with the largest share coming from USA. This market segment looks at not only the product characteristics but also the extent to which the company indulges in ethical practices. It includes their ethical code, environmental impact, employees’ treatment among others. A socially irresponsible company can have adverse effects on the sales volume and financial statements. This is alongside the cost of legal suits that may arise from time to time. All and all, Nike serves a market that is extremely sensitive to organization’s level of social responsibility and it serves as the impetus for Nike to step up and play its role in…show more content…
Years ago, when they began working to enhance the labor, environmental and social impacts of their business model, they were mostly driven by a necessity to manage risk. Currently, their corporate responsibility methodology has grew from focusing on risk management, philanthropy and compliance to one that employs their natural focus on innovation to transition NIKE, Inc. into a business that is more sustainable, by which they implicate that it brings people, planet and profits into balance for lasting success.
To be the principal athletic brand in the domain - today and into the future - they have to bring innovative new products and skills in a more sustainable way. For NIKE, Inc., this is not about transacting one business task for another. It 's about identifying that sustainability is a road to future productivity. As they look forward, they recognize that consumers across the realm are creating fresh markets and wanting new services that necessitate them to concentrate on getting close to market, to create new, digital resolutions and to tailor products for clients more quickly than ever

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