Nike Stock Research Paper

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The Nike stock symbol is NKE. The stock price has been steadily rising and falling staying in a range of around $50-$60. It didn't have much a significant climb or fall at all. The stock had 2 stock splits before I accouried the stock and 5 after. This stock is technically an old stock but its products have become more popular causing the stock to act like a newer stock. The brand Nike supplies to multiple countries and is for all ages. When this stock was in my possession it had a steady increase and decrease. There was no drastic drop or rise. Nike is continuously releasing new products make for a steady stock. The value of the stock is pretty constant around the 50-60 mark. The stock has recently had a new competitor come in and make it…show more content…
My uncle and aunt have several amazon stocks, they are big into watching stock and they thought this was a good investment and they were right. From looking at the data and watching the news you can see why they demand so much in price, they are a growing business. I think it is a good idea to go with them over my other two stocks.
My last stock i was watching is Apple. Apples stock symbol is AAPL. Apples stock is an old stock that is growing and becoming more popular. They are alike to the amazon stock in this way, but differ in price. Apple is a bit more defined than amazon in what they sell so this might be a result in popularity. This company has big releases and lots of products. Because they aren't continuously releasing new products it could be why they have trouble just
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I then had to go back and look at the prices and it actually helped me to see the increases and decreases in the value of the stock. I wasn't expecting to have such a drastic difference in each of my stocks values but it happened and i'm glad because it helped me to see the cause of a growing business on value and popularity, Through class i knew that company will split their stock once it got so high but when i look at amazon's prices i was shocked. I look further into it and found out that they have such a high value because they are a growing business taking over the buying and selling world. They can demand so much because they know their worth and are willing to capitalize on it. My other to stocks were not as high in price but not as good of an
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