Nike Strategic Plan

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1 Company Description Nature of Nike (Refer to Appendix 1.1) Recent History of Nike (Appendix 1.2): January 2014 - Nike entered negotiations with Manchester United F.C. over a "billion dollar" kit manufacturing deal, extending their current contract beyond 2015. Successes of Nike (Appendix 1.3): In 2012, Nike employed more than 44,000 people. In 2014 Nike brand was valued at $19 billion, becoming most valuable brand among sports businesses and supply the world’s most number of shoes, apparel and major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue of US$24.1 billion in 2012. Strategic Focus and Plan Nike’s Mission: Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Nike’s Purpose: (Appendix 1.4): Create opportunities and inspire…show more content…
Main producer of enthusiast driving shoes and race suits. For the comparison of Puma EvoPower (Appendix 3.1.1) and Nike Mercurial (Appendix 3.1.2), refer to Appendix 3.1.3. Place: Distributed to Multi-Brand store front (indirect channel) and the exclusive Puma stores across countries (direct channel). Puma also has an online store at ZALORA Singapore, the fastest growing online fashion retailer in Asia, making customer’s shopping experience even more convenient than before. Promotion: Puma’s products can be seen promoted through print media (newspapers, magazines), designing creative billboards, television, commercials and movies. Puma promotes their products mainly by endorsing athletes or famous sports personalities like – Usain Bolt (sprinter), Rickie Fowler (golf), and Sergio Aguero (football player). They also sponsor sports teams like the football club, Arsenal. Price: Puma products are designed to be competitive to the other fashion shoe retailers. Based on the basis of premium segment as target customers. Product prices are affordable compared to higher priced competitors like Reebok and…show more content…
It involves personal interaction between two or more people. The salesperson uses knowledge of the product together with knowledge of the customers’ needs to help the customer to arrive at a “buy” decision.  Successful at branding • Nike has an instantly recognisable corporate symbol which anyone recognises without the word ‘Nike’.  Very competitive organization • Nike is a very competitive and energy organization. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, also said that “Business is war without bullets.” That is why every member in Nike has very passion and competitive energy. Second, the reason why Nike has very strong research and development apartment is because their products are manufactured in low wage factories in Far East countries. Therefore, they can concentrate on marketing image and research project. WEAKNESSES: 1) Profits are largely dependent on footwear • Refer to Appendix ______. If more companies enter the footwear market, their market share will drop due to increasing number of competitors in the market. Consumers may switch to their competitors’ products. 2) Accusation of poor working condition in

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