Nike: Strengths And Weakness Of Nike

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SWOT Analysis - Strengths and Weakness of NIKE One of the strength of NIKE inc. is the strong brand image of the logo with the “Swoosh” or “Tick” to differentiate themselves from other sports wear brand. NIKE has been established since 1964 and over these years, the corporate instill the image of stylish, good quality and fashionable (Abhijeet 2016). Majority of the customer base is attracted by the good quality of the sports wear over the years. NIKE inc had successfully establish the well brand name with the products and services provided to the customers. The growth of the corporation and brand name had proven the statement above as the reputation of NIKE is well-know with the scope basis of world wide. Furthermore, the weakness of NIKE…show more content…
To capture the demands needed in the market, it is a essential steps for NIKE to allocate some capital of the company to invest in the production line. Through this, NIKE will be able compete against other sneakers brand such as Adidas , Puma and so on. It would greatly helps in reducing the saturation of other sneakers brand in the market because of influence of the production line caused the increasing units of NIKE’s sneakers in the market. This will result a more dominant and more monopolise for NIKE company if the expansion of the production line is successful locate and able to be ready for distribution on…show more content…
Nike’s core competency is strong marketing strategy. Nike has designed their product according seasons(spring, autumn, summer, and winter) and festival(new year and christmas), with these numerous design, Nike able to attract many customer in the market. Furthermore, through Nike’s website, customers is able to design the apparent of the shoes by ownself. Nike has unique competence, specifically in buyer consciousness and brand power. Furthermore, Nike applied endorsement effect, which invite famous athletes to involve in advertising campaigns. Nike also create an image differentiation with ‘the swoosh’ logo and slogan ‘Just Do

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