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3.2 organization's strategy. Based on research, the strategic used by Nike is SWOT and Ansoff Matrix: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) The SWOTs analysis, is one of the commonly implemented analysis in marketing. A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threat) analysis is used to assess strengths and weaknesses in an organization’s internal environment and opportunities and threats in its external environment. Therefore, SWOT analysis help Nike Inc. with reviewing its strategy and how it is performing against external and internal factors, these strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can be considered as the basis for recommendations on how the company might change its short-term and long-term strategic direction. Strengths of Nike: Strong Global Brand: Nike is the most valuable…show more content…
Nike compete internationally with a significant number of athletic and leisure footwear companies, athletic and leisure apparel companies, sports equipment companies, and large companies having diversified lines of athletic and leisure footwear, apparel, and equipment, including adidas, Puma, Li Ning, and Reebok, among others. The intense competition and the rapid changes in technology and consumer preferences in the markets for athletic and leisure footwear and apparel, and athletic equipment, constitute significant risk factors in Nike operations. Currency Volatility: Since the majority of Nike’s sales are generated outside of the United States, the company is exposed to significant currency fluctuations. The recent strengthening of the U.S. Dollar has hurt reported results, due to the foreign amounts being translated into U.S. dollars for reporting purposes. While Nike does have certain hedges in place, they are designed to lessen the impact of unfavorable exchange rates, not fully eliminate the risk. Ansoff

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