Nike: The Greek Gods And Goddesses

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Have you ever wondered how the company Nike got their name? Well, they got it a very long time ago in the time of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. There was a goddess named Nike and she was known as the goddess of victory. One of her symbols was an olive wreath that also signifies victory. It all started because in America the blue ribbon means first place in competitions. The blue ribbon is the same as an olive wreath, which means victory also. In 1971 the blue ribbon had outgrown its relationship and started look for something else, this led to the creation of the “Swoosh” and the company Nike. The goddess Nike is the daughter of Pallas and Oiles, she was born regularly from her mother. Her siblings are Zelos(Zeal), Kratos(Strength), Bia(Victory), and her half sister Athena(wisdom). Pallas and Oiles had 4 children and then Pallas had Athena with Oiles’s sister, Metis. Nike, along with her siblings were born in the Armenian Highland. They grew up in the province of Nakhchivan.…show more content…
This meant she decided who won and who lost each competition that happened. Also she had to plan and decide when and how the celebrations would go on. Nike was also associated with many different things, some are war, love, politics, and sport. She made a lot of decisions about all of these things. She was very decisive, fast, observant, pleasing and lively. Some of the things that she wore or went along with her were wings, a crown, sash, palm branch, a torch, and golden
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