Nike Unlimited You Rhetorical Analysis

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Analysis of “Nike Unlimited You” Nike is a classic sports products company. It has a quite simple logo a check mark but its implications for customer isn’t complicated. Nike’s products have a suitable price, good products qualities, and good design. Those are commendable things. They have a famous advertising slogan: i“Just do it”. The slogan just like it’s logo that is simple but powerful. It gives customers a positive influence. People depend on their experiences about Nike’s products and the slogan, they are more and more trust Nike. However, it isn’t only one reason. It is Nike’s products give clients the feeling. Nike company used it’s action to prove it’s idea. “Nike Unlimited You” is a improvement about “Just do it”. The commercial’s logic, emotion, and authority are out of the ordinary. “Nike Unlimited You” is a unusual advertisement. It used a second person perspective. However, it isn’t a uncommon way. The spacial thing is the person’s view gives audiences a feeling. The person is real human has sensation. The person perspective shows the person’s a nervous, unbelievable, and helpless emotion. He is shocked by others people because they are doing crazy things. They join some…show more content…
The advertisement gives people a novel feeling. It uses many indirect way to tell audiences who need to buy Nike’s products because the film gives them a hope, a dream, and a power to be fitness people. Moreover, the movie depicts many people’s positive stories that lead people’s feeling toward Nike company is a ethical firm. In addition, the advertisement has a person. He is across the film form the begin to the end. He uses his speech to lead audiences’ minds and his emotion gives clients a new experience. Audiences is readily attracted by the person to focus on the commercial. The person’s logic, his emotion, and stories’s “authority” is special but those make “Nike Unlimited You” smoothly catches audiences’

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